The reason I have been away these past few weeks is because I just moved cities again. Yes, moving once again to a third city within a span of one year. I get asked quite often if I get exhausted but really it has been insane in all the good ways and I am living my world nomad dream. Of course it has its challenges but so does every good and precious thing that happens. In short, it is so worth it and the only thing I regret is not packing my teddy bear to cuddle with through this winter.

Luckily there are so many great activities to keep me warm. Couple that with the wonderful and diverse group that I am volunteering with here in Linz and there is not a single boring day that goes by. I must admit, this gorgeous town crept up on me and I am afraid I am falling for it way harder than I had planned. Located on along the River Danube this picturesque town reminds me of my former love Heidelberg, with those beautiful old city feels and neo-gothic architecture at every corner that I love so much.

Knowing I have quite a while to spend in this city has given me sufficient time to court her and savor every single minute. I even ended up taking quite a likeness to the snow, which had turned me into a couch potato last winter. Which is funny considering the snow really came out in all its glory this year, transforming the landscape into the most gorgeous winter wonderland I have experienced. 

Last Friday afternoon the sun finally came out and some friends from Linz offered to show us some of their favorite spots. This taught me a valuable lesson I should have already learned by now; The sun really is not to be associated with any form of heat at this time of the year. Thank goodness, my paranoia had not allowed me to leave without dressing warmly. I had mentioned how much I loved to walk and just soak in a city – which in hindsight was a huge error – because they made sure to show us ALL the outside spots.

I quickly pinned down the Musiktheater, because while I have never been to the Opera, I could quite suddenly begin to see myself enjoying a night at the theater listening to the great Classics as well as the hidden gems that are  Austrian composers that are not so well known.

All the while sneaking glances at the views of the city from the tall glass windows that was currently shielding us from the cold.

We took a walk and in 10 minutes we were at the New Cathedral (Neuer Dom), that came close to being  Austria’s tallest Cathedral but wasn’t- simply because in Austria-Hungary no church was allowed to be taller than Vienna’s St. Stephen Cathedral.

Normally I don’t fancy visiting churches but since it was cold outside, I wasn’t being picky. Going inside was rewarding, not just because it warmer but also beautiful. The Linz Window was a particularly interesting way to show History of Linz through stained glass. 

We kept on looking into the quaint shops on the streets and peaking into the various churches. I finally requested a break, and we went into a cafe and tried the famous Linzer Torte. I was skeptical at first fearing they were too dry for my taste but mhh, they tantalized my taste buds with the soft tones of cinnamon. 

We then decided to go up the Pöstlingberg. I’d recommend sitting by the window as the small tram slowly climbs up the steep slope. The high society of Linz took it a bit too literally and settled high up on these slopes. This bad pun aside, you quickly see why as the tram ascends revealing a sweeping panorama of the entire city of Linz, the Danube elegantly making its way through it. It was so beautiful I forgot to take pictures as I was busy enjoying the view.

We rode up when it was already dark and though it was undoubtedly beautiful, it is safe to say I will be riding again just to see what it looks like as the sun kisses the mountains in the late afternoon.

Finally arriving at the top, we shortly saw the Pöstlingberg Church but at this point all I wanted was a hot cup of chocolate or Glühwein (hot spicy wine served with orange slice or cinnamon stick) Just try it before getting all skeptical.

In conclusion, walking around in winter is not completely impossible however there is so much more to do. I will spend the next few weeks exploring the food and entertainment scene. Read, excuse to eat endlessly without being judged.

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What are some of your favorite places to stay in Linz?

Cheers xx