December 2016

Andalusia and a hint of Valencia II

It's 3 am. Well, it is 3 am as I am writing because sleep is becoming more elusive by the day...but mostly I mean then. 3 am and a bottle of the best sweet, mild Belgian beer I have ever... Continue Reading →


Andalusia and a hint of Valencia I

It's about time I tell this story before I forget all the glorious ways it almost backfired.  It was in June, I believe, when I had just moved to Heidelberg, Germany and I was hoping and praying that the cold... Continue Reading →

Fresh Eyes

Life is terrifyingly beautiful and sweetly crushing. To love is to open yourself up to be vulnerable to those cold dark never ending winter night-like experiences or those beautiful nostalgic summer-like days. Friendship is never anything but sharing, and sometimes... Continue Reading →

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