I think I’m just one of those people. I could live in a fantasy for a while and suddenly it becomes reality. I mean, I can literally mention something once, never think about it again, then months later or even seconds later it materializes. Sometimes it scares me but for the most part it works in my favor. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over travelling. You know how they say if travelling was free then you’d never see me again? Basically that’s been my constant desire. So I started looking up ways I could travel to wherever for free. Then I came across couch surfing. I read the definition and I remember thinking this is TOTALLY NUTS!!! People actually do this? Sleeping on friends’ sofas while travelling? In this case “friend” is defined as a person you’ve just met online. I stared at my screen, utterly shocked and kept reading people’s comments, thoughts and experiences on the subject. And as I kept going, it actually started making sense. But could I pull it off? I don’t even have good people skills and I suck at first impressions. I still couldn’t wrap my head around it, so I just brushed it off.

Days later, a friend that I hadn’t seen in a really long while called me up and asked if I was down for an adventure. Uh, Hello! This is me we’re talking about! Self-proclaimed queen of doing random stuff all the time. He explained we’d go hiking, explore craters and caves, however I’d have to be okay with sleeping on a stranger’s couch. I froze. This couldn’t possibly be happening. Couch surfing? Really? I was going to try pull it off, but somewhere I considered exotic, like in Europe, not here! Then again, charity begins at home right? I had to try, what was the worst that could happen? Well there’s the fact that eer … Thankfully, his “Um, I need an answer…”, interrupted my self sabotaging thoughts just in time.And I decided not to over think it and just go with it. This was my chance to…I don’t know, just go… and sleep under unfamiliar stars…well, almost unfamiliar.


So I found myself with a backpack heading for Nakuru. When our host opened the door to her home everything I had feared came rushing back in. “When I said you could invite a friend, I thought you’d bring a guy friend,” she said. And I thought, Great, this is going to be awkward! But she immediately gave us a warm welcome plus there were other people there and after I got past my phobia for making bad first impressions, we quickly got to bonding. Its amazing the people you meet and the journeys you cross paths with. I met people who were still in love with comics at an age most people would agree is way past comic book reading age, met a girl who’d spent most of her young life in Japan and with such fascinating stories, sleep wasn’t an option. When we finally got round to it, one of us slept to some certain type of soothing music, I wish I could remember what it was, but that was definitely in the top ten of my best nights. I remember thinking that all this was really worth it. Absolutely perfect.

The hike was the very next day, and it started raining but none of this deterred us. At the end of it all though, without going into the details of how epic and tiring the hike was, a very drenched and sore me took home one important thing. That sometimes, when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place.

IMG-20150502-WA0006 (2)                         Snapchat--8132194957848454516

Its like I had just unlocked a whole new world.Yes, I would definitely do this again. And I did, the very next day at Naivasha. But that’s a story for another day, partially because I’m not sure if I can remember half of it. Some drinking traditions die hard.

What’s the word for it again? Ah, Wanderlust. I’ve never been happier.