I know I’ve said it a million times before but no, seriously, I’m too competitive. I had taken a break from the online realm for a while due some personal reasons, nay excuses. A friend (PS: I’m only mentioning you because you did me the same favour😜) Where was I? So this friend and I made a deal to get back to writing as soon as possible.If you haven’t guessed where this is going yet…Long story short, he wrote his piece and here I am. In the middle of the night, scratching my brains. Thanks a lot man😑

I digress. I am currently in a good place right now.  I don’t mean just location wise, but also in my mind, spirit and ahem, body? Nope. The tummy doesn’t quite agree with that yet, but it’s a work in progress. Anyway, being a new year and all, the urge to take stock of the past year and also make greater amazing goals and the classic new year, new me bullshit is creeping in fast. However, it’s slowly dawning on me just how much of this year had already been pre-conceived from last year. In a lot of ways this realization is pretty exciting. I mean, if this year should turn out anything like my dreams then I can’t wait for it to unfold. 

First case scenario: 2014 New Years Eve with my family. Traditionally, Christmas festivities are reserved for the family but on New Years Eve, one should be free to part ways and for some reason go crazy with friends. On this particular trip, I had made quite a few of them so naturally my “kuvuka mwaka” plot was set. All I wanted was some good wine, a lot of dancing and laughter with the new found squad but lo and behold! The parents just couldn’t go with the flow. Every funny little thing my friends did was brushed off as immature and irresponsible. It put me in such an uncomfortable situation, like you know how I feel (#OnlyVineFans will understand) All I wished for was not to spend the next one with family (I still love you guys). Fast forward, I had an amazing New Years Eve this year(last year?) or should I call it Silvester now that I’m learning this whole new world and culture. A whole hour of amazing fireworks display, and yes I got to light some🤗 Hours of dancing with people from different cultures and lots and lots of wine. Of course with me there is no such thing as too much wine.

Other scenario: Last year I liked a photo. It went something like, make friends with people that aren’t your age and people who’s first language isn’t English. Meeting a white haired poet in the subway and having quite the conversation, check. My competitive self had to take it a notch higher and as I am currently taking a German course, my current seat mates are Peruvian and Ukrainian. Our only common language is German, which we all speak quite badly if I may add. This leads to such bizarre conversations try as we might. I’d come in the morning and ask how they are and the answers could range from good, welcome to the weather is not feeling well. (This actually happened) Getting together for a cup of coffee during breaks becomes a task, albeit fun at times. Me want coffee drink. You? Want outside go or machine take? But it’s okay, we talk nice one day. Minimal words, less grammatical mistakes😂 I love my new class nonetheless!

My eyes are now begging for mercy and I have lost track of where I was going with this. If nothing else is remembered though, let this stay with you, a man becomes what he thinks. On just day 11 of 365, I can already see that no words ring truer than these.