Now, I am by no means a writer, but when the universe gives you signs that you should go forth and write a blog, it’s kinda hard to resist it. Not that I’m superstitious, but I take a couple of things as signs from the universe an d one should go along with it before the universe gets tired and stops being so nice to you. It’s the first day of a new month, and the first thing text I get when I wake up is “Hey, check out my new blog 😊.” As the good friend I’d like to think I am, I oblige and truth be told I was impressed and I loved every article. Two hours hadn’t even gone by when another friend asked me to read yet another blog, and this time my interest was piqued even further. The blogger went on and on about love, and while I didn’t particularly agree with everything he wrote, I somehow found myself working out issues I’d been struggling with.
Or we could just argue that I’m being overly competitive and I can’t handle that my friends are doing something with their lives while mine is just in this neutral state.

So why am I writing?
To escape from reality, though mostly I’ll be writing based on the true story of a certain girl’s life. Okay, okay it’s mine. I’m hoping it’d be a journey to discover myself . That every time I read my blogs I’ll meet myself from a different perspective . I’ll remember myself, I’ll make better choices, I won’t forget where I came from and take my success for granted. You think you’re shocked? But it has reached that point in my life where it has come to this. I need a channel to rediscover my passion. And I’m hoping I’ll get readers from all over the world to see how this unfolds. I’m also hoping that I’ll help others going through something similar sort their parts of their lives too.
You know how in sitcoms each episode ends with the protagonist learning some sort of lesson? That’s how I’d like my life to be. So with this blog I’m hoping I’ll be able to connect the dots looking backwards.
It’s nothing big, just the story of a girl who swore that by all means she wouldn’t conform to the world but she fears she’s doing just that. Of a girl who loved once so deeply and got her heart broken she’s afraid of stepping back into the waters. It’s the story of an overly ambitious girl who as much as she hates to admit it dreamt too much and didn’t have the guts to do that much about it. A lost girl trying to navigate this world and hopes she ends up neatly on the other side.

How did I get here?